Steam Deck Won’t Have Exclusive Games

Valve has officially confirmed that its upcoming Steam Deck portable gaming system won’t feature any exclusive games. Given that Steam Deck is one of the highest anticipated gaming products in the works, this is pretty big news.

Of course, Steam Decks are delayed into 2022, for those of you who don’t know (now you know).

For the past few months, rumors have floated about the Internet suggesting that Valve would release exclusive Steam Deck games. But the company is now confirming that’s not true.

What Valve is doing instead is rating Steam games for their Steam Deck compatibility. The more compatible a current Steam game is, the higher it is rated. This is encouraging game developers to increase Steam Deck compatibility efforts.

One of the main reasons that Steam Deck won’t have exclusive games is that Steam Deck, at its core, is a Linux machine. Therefore, it should play games built for PCs. So why would anyone make a game just for a Steam Deck given it should play all PC games? Instead, as mentioned already, Steam games will seek to better optimize for the Steam Deck platform. That makes much more sense.

Here’s an article for those of you wondering how much Steam Deck will cost. But again, Steam Deck is severely delayed due to supply chain issues. So you can get on a wait list, but you’re definitely gonna wait. Hopefully, things get better with our supply chain woes so gamers can once again not experience these massive device delays. It should be noted, new Playstations and XBox devices are also delayed.