Steam Deck Delayed into 2022

You’ve been waiting to get your hands on the highly-touted Steam Deck. We know it. You absolutely know it. Valve knows it. And that’s why Valve’s latest Steam Deck delay announcement hurts so bad.

For those who preordered a Steam Deck, you’ll be waiting until late 2022. Last summer, Valve announced that Steam Decks would begin to arrive right around the holiday season, just in time to make it under trees. But alas, supply chain issues (we suspect, Valve isn’t giving a reason for the delay) thwarted our desires once again.

More bad news – Panic’s Playdates are similarly delayed. In the case of Playdate, however, the reason is linked to a series of bad batteries. We don’t care so much about Playdates around these parts, however, given Steam allows for adult games.

Gaming chip supplies seem to reside at the very core of the slowing supply chain catastrophe. Even Nintendo Switch (here) and Sony’s PS5’s (here) continue saying they’ll move less devices due to chip shortages.

Steam Deck reviews have been insanely good from the outset, prompting high interest in preordering the device. But it seems that gamers won’t be getting any decent breaks this year unless a miracle happens. A miracle being Santa somehow lowering inflation and getting cargo ships into docks. We’re guessing that won’t be happening any time soon, but merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night (or something like that).