Gaming and Social Media: Connecting in Immersive Platforms

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Social media has risen to the top of our entertainment sector. In fact, some might argue it’s number 1, ranking above television, movies, and gaming. Social media is ever-present in our lives. It lives on our phones, works its way into the music we listen to, utilizes our TVs. It may be too much of a good thing, many would argue.

The gaming industry on the other hand has grown exponentially just as well. Like social media, Its rocket-like success has catapulted it to the tops of entertainment. And there doesn’t seem like much is going to stop it.

These two platforms have a unique synergy that helps both platforms thrive.

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AI Ghostwriter Helping Create More Compelling NPCs


Developing content for games is just as difficult as developing screenplays for movies. It requires thoughtful creativity and vigorous efforts. There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) will help transcend the gaming industry. And one of those ways appears to be through assistance with script and dialogue creation, which is exactly why the industry is so excited about Ubisoft’s Ghostwriter.

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The Evolution of Gaming Accessibility for All Players

There’s a growing awareness in our society for accessibility. Accessibility helps all people gain access to modern conveniences and entertainment. Accessibility on the web is a big deal because it helps everyone connect with people and content. In gaming, accessibility gives the opportunity to all types of people to play.

The gaming industry has increasingly recognized the importance of making games more playable and enjoyable for everyone, including those with disabilities.

There’s been a number of accessibility advancements over the years which has helped many more people enjoy modern gaming.

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A Furiously Quick Summary of Gaming History

magnavox odyssey

Gaming is now one of the biggest entertainment mediums worldwide. And it’s continuing to grow. Over the years, it’s experienced a merger with Hollywood through TV and movies. In fact, many movies and TV series are based from video game storylines. And moreover, video games are starting to create characters that are considered timeless, much like movies and TV have done for decades.

But how did gaming get to this peak?

Well, that’s complicated, but we can give you a brief rundown of gaming history and show you how and why it is where it is.

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