Dick Leader

A science fiction themed XXX game, Dick Leader will have you guiding your dildo rocket towards virgin pussy planets that dot the galaxy. Your dildo rocket is flying through a mysterious, uncharted galaxy and the galaxy is full of a copious amount of never before seen, uncharted new virgin pussy planets. Your mission will be to lead around your dildo rocket using the radar sight to make a successful and safe landing on a pussy planet. The dildo rocket will then follow the path that was laid out by the radar sight. In order to launch your ship, place the sight in the direction of the rocket, which will then detect it and launch it off. Control the radar sights location by either moving your mouse (or using your finger, should you be using a touch enabled device) and discover as many new planets as you can as you soak up the steamy XXX sights to be found on each and every one of them.



Double Tunnel

Double Tunnel

All through her life, drop dead gorgeous young honey Denise was under the impression that only one train can go through a tunnel at a time... so to speak; though she's starting to have doubts as to if that is an accurate statement or not. However, tonight she is going to find out as her equally gorgeous blonde friend with her and a pair of eager locomotives ready to cruise on in to their tunnels! This is one of those you are the director style games, made up graphically of XXX live action video clips. Gameplay is pretty easy - you will watch clips play as the action unfolds in front of you, and periodically you will be prompted with questions from the girls with things like what you want them to do next. Be careful, because this isn't a case of 'there is no wrong answers' but, to be quite honest it's always rather blatantly obvious what the correct choice of answer is. Answer correctly and the game will continue, and you will be able to see all of the steamy sights and sounds in the game - but answer wrong, and it's game over for you, necessitating that you have to start all over from the beginning if you want to see everything this game has to offer. We highly suggest that you keep at it to see everything that this game has to offer up to you - these gorgeous girls will suck and tug cocks, lick and finger each other's soaking wet pussies, get fucked, do anal, and even test out their tunnel theory with double penetration, before both of them get hosed down with some thick and sticky loads of jizz.