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5 Dollars Strip

If like us, you spent a decent chunk of your free time back in the 1980's hanging out in dingy arcades playing games like the ever so addictive Arkanoid, then 5 Dollars Strip will immediately feel familiar to you. The game utilizes that same basic principle of moving around an object on the bottom portion of the screen and then making it collide with another falling object. There's some differences though - instead of the ball bouncing back, in this game you will be collecting dollar coins. Should you manage to collect 5 of the coins, you will then get to enjoy a nice and steamy live action clip of a stunning hottie doing a sexy strip tease for you. There's also the option to save up your coins for later use - and just like when you're seeing a hooker, or visiting the strip club, the more money you give these girls, the more they will be willing to do as well as show you!



Young Teens Getting Pregnant 3

Young Teens Getting Pregnant 3

We are big fans of when a game just gets straight to the point with it's title - and Young Teens Getting Pregnant 3 definitely fits that bill! The game, as you almost certainly had gathered from the title of it, will have you fucking sexy barely legal babes and shooting thick loads of hot and sticky cum into their fertile young pussies to get them pregnant. You've found yourself a prime, fertile young target... and you know for a fact that the father is deeply in debt - so you've made him an offer he couldn't refuse for a chance to fuck his daughter and knock her right up. When the game starts out you'll get to customize the girls appearance using three buttons, allowing you to modify variables such as her hair, her tits, and the tone of her skin. Once you're done there and have gotten her looking exactly like your perfect vision a fertile teenage fuck toy, the real fun can truly start. Follow the on screen prompts and arrow markers to dope her up and then thrust your big thick cock in and out of her soaking wet hole, as her parents are stuck on the side lines to watch all of it happen in front of them, watching helplessly as their no longer innocent daughter simultaneously loses her virginity and gets pregnant - and all of it is getting captured on film! Once you have reached the point of no return and it's time to explode, make sure to go in extra deep and be sure to empty every last drop of your hot and sticky cum out of your balls and into her fertile young pussy to make sure that there's no question that nine months down the line she'll be pushing a healthy young child out of her!