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Jessica vs Holli

MnF Club is the hippest, hottest spot in town - there's always a line to get in, and the place is always packed to capacity. And with good reason - Jessica and Holli are a pair of absolutely amazing babes with stunning bodies. As is often the case when you got two stars with egos together, they're frequently feuding with each other, acting like complete divas as they keep insisting it's them who is the star, and that the other one is just a parasite who is riding her coat tails. Things have reached a point where they decide it's finally time to settle this dispute once and for all, and on this Friday night they will be having a contest to see who is the sexiest and naughtiest of them all. These horny hotties will be judged not just on their appearance and tit size, but they'll be competing to see who is the biggest sex goddess as well. Jack, the lucky owner of the club will get to be their guinea pig as well as the judge of the contest, so they'll have to make sure to do their best as they use their big tits on his prick, suck him off, and have their pussies and assholes fucked if they want to be crowned winner and the supreme draw to MnF Club!



The Iron Giant 2

The Iron Giant 2

In The Iron Giant 2 you play as Hogarth. Hogarth is the polot of a giant robot that he uses for fun, but also to help defend his home land from any and all threats. At least, that's what he did do with it - right now, it's sitting around badly damaged, with no ability to be piloted and used for defense. Hogarth needs badly to raise the funds to have the ability to repair his trusty giant robot - though that is easier said than it is done when you're a young guy - too young to get a job, and also lacking in terms of things he owns to sell off for a quick cash infusion. Though, there is one thing he has, one thing that people like a whole hell of a lot - a smoking hot mom who has curves in all of the right places. Naturally, that gives young Hogarth an idea - snap some nude photos of her, and sell them off to all the people he knows who lust after her hot body (which, is pretty much everyone that he knows) and he'll be able to raise the needed money in no time at all. When you play this game you'll have to play through periodic mini games in which you will be tasked with snapping the photos you need of her - move the cursor on the right of the screen towards her, and then click and hold to tug on your big hard cock. You need to be sure to be careful and paying attention when you do it though - keep an eye on what she's doing beacuse periodically she'll turn around and look your way. When she does this, you'll have to immediately stop playing with yourself and hide just out of sight. If you are unfortunate enough to get caught by her, then that's it for you - it's an instant game over and you'll have to start all over from the beginning. When you are at a point in the game where there is an opportunity to snap one of the photos that you need, a camera frame will appear in the lower right corner, and you'll have to be quick to get your picture when it is most clearly in focus.