Here’s Our Koikatsu Party Review You’ve Been Awaiting

Or, maybe you haven’t been awaiting this Koikatsu Party review. I have no idea. Only you know why you’ve come here outside of playing an array of free porn games. But hey, now that you’re here, might as well learn a bit more about one of Steam’s most popular porn games, Koikatsu Party.

Koikatsu Party – What Is This Game About?

In Koikatsu Party, the breast game is strong. This anime erotica style game features a customization capacity competitive with some of it’s bigger predecessors. If you like to make things your own, Koikatsu Party may be up your alley.

Aside from the complex details and giving you a digestible concept, Koikatsu Party allows you to create a custom 3D female. Creating your own custom character means intricate ongoings that can result in a bit of an immersive, addictive ecosystem.

When it comes to Koikatsu Party, mods are the main treat. There are mods for nearly all types of custom builds, even pregnancy mods. Essentially, there’s not much lacking in terms of what desires a gamer might have while building a female character in Koikatsu Party. And that’s the point.

Outside of mods, the custom tools used to create these characters runs deep. There’s a wealth of variation options to overlay and adapt at all times.

Koikatsu Party is a visual novel at heart. The characters offer unique personality traits. The game features an insanely adaptive character creator that takes you some time to build out.

The character creator means you can, from scratch, create compelling and certainly unique female characters.

The dialogue is good and better considering it was translated from original Japanese. There are also preset characters that allow you to fill spaces with activity. There’s a crowded feel to Koikatsu Party that separates this game from other reality style games. It feels more real. More hectic. More evolved.

You’re the only boy at an all girls school. So you need to recruit more girls to join. Its that simple. The graphics are good, the sound is good. Koikatsu Party is a much more complex dating simulator that one might expect when first opening the game up. It’s somewhat unrivaled in that capacity.

Koikatsu Party Graphics

Expect intense Japanese style anime art. Its rather in-depth, feature rich, detail oriented stuff.

You can find Koikatsu Party on Steam.

This game is certainly not for everyone, but if you are someone that enjoys visual novels and customization options, it might work for you. But I’m not you, bro, so what do I know? You can always play free porn games instead. Whatever your jam, do it.