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Wake and Rape

It's morning, the sun is shining in through the window, and you're awake and already hard as fucking rock, with your morning wood in full force. Your gorgeous brunette girlfriend is laying there next to you in bed... but, she's still asleep. Regardless, you're so horny that you can't help yourself, you need her right here, and you need her right now... though, if you want to succeed, you'll have to take things slow and easy or she'll shut you down in real short order. Start out by delicately sliding off her top a bit and letting her tits hang out as you lightly play with her nipples. Once you have managed to get her a bit warmed up, slowly but surely move down the bed sheets off that oh so hot body so you can soak in an incredible view of her absolutely perfect bottom half. As carefully as you can, slide off her panties and then slowly move in for the kill to play with her pussy until you end up having her so incredibly turned on an horny that there's no way she can wait another second to feel every single inch of your hard cock slid balls deep inside of her soaking wet and oh so eager pussy.



Castle Whispers 1

Castle Whispers 1

If you've ever wanted to travel backwards in time to the days of knights and castles, then come along with PornGames as they take you straight back to medieval times with Castle Whispers 1. In this top notch XXX point and click adventure game, you will be playing the role of a membe rof the kings' royal knights, following your permanent orders of defending the realm from any and all invaders who would dare to threaten the safety of the kingdom and it's citizens. Safe to say, it's a rather tough job that takes a strong and courageous individual to do it - though on a plus side, it earns you a ton of respect - and the girls, well it drives them totally wild! You've been granted some time off by the king, and even better, a horse drawn carriage full of sexy young maidens has just passed in through the castle's gate and to the hotel where they will be staying for the next few days. You're itching for some serious R&R after all the work that you've put in lately, so naturally you make a path straight for the hotel. Right off the bat, you end up meeting a gorgeous young blonde honey who is absolutely smitten by all of your heroic deeds, and best of all, she's eager and extremely willing to take every last inch of your big heroic cock into each and every one of her incredible holes. This game offers some nicely done graphics, fun gameplay, tight and responsive controls, a very useful save and load feature to let you pick up where you left off from at a later time, multiple options for language of in game text, and of course tons of steamy XXX action!