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Jessy POV

Now this right here, this is the way that all porn from here on forward should always be - totally up to you, and fully interactive! This game ticks both of those boxes, and then some. Jessy is a jaw dropping barely legal blonde honey, and lucky you, she's got a damn near bottomless appetite when it comes to having her ever so eager young holes filled up and stretched out by a nice and big rock hard cock. You will get to watch the action of this steamy title unfold through some extremely hot live action video clips of her, where she periodically will ask you questions - and this time you don't have to worry about wrong answers - so just telly sexy Jessy what you want to see her doing. Put her to work and have her wrap those soft and skilled lips of hers tightly around your cock, fuck her in missionary, have her climb up on top of you and ride you in cowgirl, fuck her pussy, fuck her asshole, just be sure that you treat her to a nice and thick load of hot and sticky cum when you're all done. Finding yourself still feeling horny after you cum? Well then, just keep going - Jessy has a bottomless appetite for sex and is always so so eager to get fucked!



News Reporter 3

News Reporter 3

News Reporter 3 stars the busty and beautiful Boobitch sisters. They've always been highly competitive ever since they were young kids, always being driven by a deep desire to out do the other sister at whatever thing they're currently into. Another conflict has sprung up between these two big breasted babes, this time they're at each other's throats over who is the biggest, nastiest, and filthy slut; as well as who has the biggest and best set of tits. Clearly there is only one way that a conflict like this is going to be settled - they're going to need to have a competition with each other, and they're going to need an unbiased third party present to preside over the competition and make the final judgement - and you'll fit that bill quite nicely! These two nasty slutty sisters will try their best to out do each other as the pair take turns licking and riding your cock, getting their incredible and oh so curvy bodies felt up, and of course there's going to be a whole hell of a lot of them having their big juicy tits, skilled soft mouths, soaking wet pussies, and air tight assholes pounded deep and hard by your rock hard cock. Once you have made the two horny sisters run the gauntlet by taking turns on your pole and putting their talents to the test, it's up to you to make the final decision and pick who is the winner (besides you, of course, from having gotten your cock fully serviced by the two of them). Safe to say though, regardless of who you pick, we know these ever so competitive sluts will be tearing each other's throats out in a few days time, arguing and trying to one up the other all over again.