Sinful Delicacies - Part 2

In Sinful Delicacies - Part 2, your parents are a dynamic duo with a lot of power. Your father is a well-known wealthy and powerful Mafia Don. Even presidents of countries are afraid of this man. Your mom was a Supermodel in the past, but now she is a dedicated housewife. Once you've reached the age of eighteen, there is a lot of sexual tension between your mother or sisters and you and between you as a family, and temptations reach their breaking point. Sin is committed; you experience the highest of all highs, but then turmoil strikes; you get involved in an epic, globetrotting adventure rife with sexual encounters, luxury, a constant flow of thrills, with danger around every corner.



Enslaved Spies

Enslaved Spies

Safe to say, it's not an easy job to be a spy - it's a tough job, one that is full of risks. In Enslaved Spies, a group of four beautiful women are part of an elite spy agency, sent to monitor the activities of the character that you play as. Apparently though, these girls must have been some new recruits, or rather poorly trained - it doesn't take long after they infiltrate the compound that they end up getting caught and captured. Now you've got all four of these honeys, deep down in your basement dungeon with their clothes off, bent over against the wall as they hang shackled and helpless from the ceiling. There's nowhere for them to go to escape, and no one will be coming to rescue them from your compound - all that they can do now is to simply just accept their fates, and take every single inch of your big, rock hard cock deep inside of them! Take your pick from any of the four girls - there's a sexy redhead, a foxy blonde, a beautiful brunette, and a delicious dark skinned honey. Enjoy the action from two views at once - an overhead view of the action as you fuck the girls soaking wet pussies deep and hard from behind, and another view which is best described as a cross section of the girls pussy, letting you see your cock sliding in and out of her against the oh so smooth ridges of her pussy walls. Fuck her hard and fast, or fuck her slow and gentle, but either way, once you're ready to burst make sure to empty your balls completely by firing off every last drop of your hot and sticky cum deep inside of her soaking wet pussy. Best of all, from there you can fuck her again, or mov eon to one of the other girls you've got in your dungeon.