Black Jerk

One sure to appeal to those of us who love the thrill of playing a high stakes hand at the casino, Black Jerk is a XXX variant of the classic casino card game of Black Jack. The rules to it are the same as they are at a casino, but if you're not familiar with it, here's how it works. You will click on cards, trying to get 21 points in total (which is also known as Black Jack). Reach 21 points, and you receive the pot. Value of a standard bet is $20, as is also the case with the initial bank value. Should you wind up with more than 21 points, you'll go bust and lose - so when in doubt if you're close to 21, stay at that value. When you manage to amass $100 in your bank, the game proceeds onward to the next level. With each and every increase of the games level, the action you're seeing on screen will get steamier and more erotic than the one preceding it. Card values are as follows: numbered cards are worth the number on the card, Jack, Queen, and King are all worth 10, and aces are worth either 1 or 11.



Anime Sex Slave

Anime Sex Slave

Anime Sex Slave offers the deepest fantasy of every weeaboo out there in video game form! In the game, as you may have alraedy guessed from the title, you will have your own personal little anime sex slave. It's just as great as you have always imagined that it would be - you keep her bound and captive, down in your basement, there solely for your pleasure - ready to take your cock any and every time that you feel the urge - and best of all, she always does it with a smile! As great as it would be to have this sort of situation happening in your real life, safe to say it's something almost none of us would be able to pull off - but you can at least get a bit of feeling of what it would be like by playing this top notch XXX game. The game will have you playing the role of the lucky and dominating master of thise sexy anime redhead, and since you were feeling a bit horny, you headed downstairs to your basement, seeking that sweet release from her eager holes. Just make sure that she does a damn good job when she's servicing your big dick! What's truly great about this girl as that you can do literally anything you want with her, without a care - she'll just smile through it all. So feel free to go totally nuts - slap her face, rough up those juicy melons of hers, tear her clothes apart into shreds, fuck her pussy, stuff your cock balls deep in her air tight asshole, fuck her face, and coat her head to toe in hot and sticky cum, or should you prefer, fill her mouth, pussy, or asshole up to capacity with a huge load of your jizz. Do it all and come back for more any time that you need it - your personal little fuck toy will always be ready to go in the basement, waiting for you and your sexual desires.