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Saving Soldier Rayanna

Rayanna, a high ranking officer in the Navy was sleeping in her room as her ship made its way across the ocean. Mid sleep, she's horrified from a nightmare she has in which she finds herself at a Nazi rally, having no idea that her dream is a premonition of what's to come soon. Suddenly, she's awaken from her horrible nightmare to an even worse reality where her boat is being fired upon heavily by an enemy fleet. Moving quickly, she grabs her rifle and quickly makes her way out on to the main deck of the ship to survey what the hell is going on. Otto von Ocopussy, a Nazi cyborg zeppelin octopus (we're not making this shit up, we swear!) is just off starboard of the ship, and around him are the battered remnants of what was once a mighty fleet traveling with you, now reduced only to you and your ship. You must stop the madness - take out Otto von Ocopussy, whatever it takes!





Here's a title that's definitely one for those of us who like to get into things that are highly taboo. Abduction will have you playing the role of a dangerous pervert who has been leaving all of the poor women of a town living in constant fear of being the next victim to end up getting abducted, never to be seen or head from again. The women aren't even sure of what he does with his victims once he captures them, nor do they have any desire to know... but to be fair, they all of a pretty good idea of what it is. The creep has carefully picked out his newest victim - a boner inducing barely legal brunette vixen with a giant rack and an absolutely amazing ass on her. A creature of habit, as he has done so many times before now, he makes his move in the night, plucking her out from her bedroom while she sleeps, and then feeding her drugs as he drags her off to his sex dungeon. Now that he's gotten her into his sex dungeon, it's time for the real action in this game to get started! Rip away all of those clothes off of her perfect body and then make her writhe around with a mix or horror and pleasure as you use a whole bunch of different sexy toys on her and then have her wrap her soft and skilled lips tightly around your prick before then taking every single inch of you deep inside of her soaking wet pussy or air tight asshole. The game sports some great well done graphics, arousing sound effects, a super taboo and kinky theme, and naturally, lots and lots of hot and steamy sex sure to have you tugging on your cock in no time at all.