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Namis Private Island

We all know that sometimes life just feels too overwhelming, and that sometimes we all just need a little time to get away, an escape from the grind of daily life. Nami was in that boat, and she's flown off to her private island, nestled deep in the tropics where the sun is always out and the air is always hot. It's peaceful and tranquil as could be - though, to a fault, really. Nami is finding herself bored, and even more so, horny. She's masturbated quite a bit already, but as we all know, that gets to be a bit boring after a while. She's aching to enjoy the feeling of a hard cock against her tight pussy walls to be able to truly relax and recharge. It seems hopeless until she sees a ship lost at sea appear on the horizon, and then beaches ashore. A ladder drops down, and off steps a horny hunk of a captain onto the sands. Nami is happy as could be - finally she'll be able to get her pussy pounded deep and hard!