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Adventure of Thailand

Calling a game Thailand Adventure is already setting some pretty high standards for yourself - but luckily, this game lives up to the name, offering the sort of sexual depravity that, let's face it, is pretty much the core of the whole tourism industry of Thailand. This game is following the story of this foxy blonde hottie who goes on a trip to Thailand. As it tends to be with foreigners, she over did it - she got drunk, has sex drunk, blacked out, and once she finally comes to the next morning, she's hungover, but even worse, she finds herself missing all of her money as well as her passport and plane tickets. Right now, there's no way for her to get herself back home - so she'll just have to do what the locals do to make money to replace what she lost - whore herself out! The sexy vixen will wrap her soft skilled lips tightly around a whole slew of cocks and also have her soaking wet pussy pounded deep and hard if she wants to ever get herself back home!