Erotic Mine Field

If you had a computer in the 90s, and you either had to share a phone line or lacked the internet, you likely spent countless hours of your time playing that ever so addictive game bundled into every copy of Windows, Mine Sweeper. As you may have guessed, this game is a remake of that, but naturally, with a ever so steamy XXX twist to it! Bombs can and will appear in any place on the playing field. When the sapper explodes the bomb, it destroys the cell cover. And best of all, underneath the cells is a very hot and steamy show being played out! With the help of the sapper, destroy all cells to open the whole screen and move on to the next level - and in each subsequent level, things will get hotter and steamier. Controls are easy enough - just click on the field where you want the sapper to go and then explode the bomb. Keep at it and get to see all of the steamy XXX sights that this top of the line porn game has to offer you!