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Fate Sex Night

Needless to say, at first you really don't know what the hell to think when a boner inducing horny blonde warrior babe storms into your house, rambling on as she seems to be under the impression that you are someone called the Great Master. Left speechless, you stand there confused at what the fuck she is babbling on about... though, right in that moment you have a bit of a revelation: she seems to be pretty determined to find the Great Master, and is likely quite loyal to him, willing to do anything he says. You play along and say "Why yes, I am the Great Master, my student" to her, and then before you know it the buxom blonde babe is stripping all of her clothes off. Now that you've got a drop dead gorgeous blonde hottie fully nude in your house, why not make the most of it and have her put those soft skilled lips to work on your cock, and maybe have her ride your stiff prick a bit before you treat her to a nice thick load of your hot and sticky cum?