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You will be playing the role of a guy who goes by the name Kean Jeon when you play Pandora. He works as a marine engineer, and has been tirelessly working hard on a rechargeable underwater battery system at the UCL in London when the Lindgren Foundation takes an interest and hires him to be a member of their team on an expedition to the Atlantic Ocean. It will be your job to support the dive team, as well as doing maintenance on the submarines... and should you manage to get the thing to work properly, you'll also be the one who pilots the ROV. Unsure of what their end goal is, you weren't able to resist their offer because the money was just way too good, and you had been needing it, bad. You will be stretching your limited social skills to their limits as you interact with the crew, especially Rita, the gorgeous brunette on the team. And of course, being this sort of game, on the sort of site... play your cards right, and you'll almost certainly get your chance to plunge your big hard cock in and out of Rita's soaking wet and oh so tight pussy.