Draw and Ball 4

For all of you lovers of soccer/football, you'll just love Draw and Ball 4, a top notch XXX video game version of football. While playing the game, you'll be bouncing a ball back and forth across the playing field, doing everything that you can in order to try and get it to go into your opponent's net, which will in turn earn you one point. To play the game, start out by drawing a line on the field, trying to make it at an angle in such a way that it will direct the ball in to the net. It's easier said than done, but should you manage to earn a point against your opponent, you will be given a nice reward in the form of an oh so hot XXX video, and then you'll advance up to the next level of the game. And as you may have guessed, the difficulty level of your rival increases with each level - but thankfully, the challenge is justified with the rewards, because as you keep going up in levels the action that you see will become all that much more hot and explicit!





Let this game be a lesson - don't be fucking around with the dark arts if you don't know exactly what it is that you are up to! In the game Invocation, a drop dead gorgeous and oh so incredibly busty brunette gothic babe has been intently reading a book of spells from the flickering light of the candles that she has in the room, and more likely than not, her favorite album from The Cure playing out of her speakers. While her beautiful brown eyes dart side to side across the page as she reads the verses, she starts speaking the words out, out loud, seemingly completely unaware of the effect that it is having. It's right about this time that a violent storm begins to brew outside, gainging power and building up and up in intensity as a portal that leads apparently to an entirely different dimsneion opening up above her house. It's right around this time that she starts to notice what is happening, and then things take a turn for the worse when she finds herself completely frozen with fear as a hellish demon spawns forth from the portal, with those cold and totally lifeless eyes of hers piercing into her, down all the way into the deepest depths of her mortal soul. It's at this moment that she comes to the realization that she is totally powerless to do anything about this now, and just hopes for the best - that is, that this demon makes her death quick and painless. She's trembling across her whole body with fear, but it slowly starts to subside as she comes to a realization - this demon doesn't want to take her life, or her soul - he just wants to take her, so to speak! And shit, he was summoned all the way up here from the deepest depths of hell by some dumb goth bimbo - this hell spawn deserves to get his dick wet before he goes back down to hell!