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Elena: Champion of Lust

Elena: Champion of Lust is a top notch title, and it sets the story that will continue to be told by the later entries of the series. This game is the one where it all began though, so we definitely suggest you play it before diving into the later titles. The games setting is in a mystical land of heroes, legends, and magic. Finally free from her prison that she had been held against her will in, Elena is a busty and beautiful fairy... though all that time confined, alone like that, well, she's a woman, with womanly urges. Namely, she needs a nice big thick hard cock, right here, and right now. The game offers you lots to see and explore and discover. This is most certainly a title that you will likely end up spending a long amount of time with - far and above this is one of our most lengthy XXX titles. Don't let that deter you though - in fact, it's part of what makes this game so great. It's well worth investing the time in, thanks to lots of hot and steamy action, on top of an already great story with amazing graphics and sound effects. Habla esapanol? You're in luck, because the developer of this game was nice enough to include language options for both English and Spanish.