Draw and Ball 3

Draw and Ball 3 is a great game for any of you out there who love football/soccer just as much as you love pornography. The game is, as you guessed it, a digital clone of football/soccer. To play the game, start out by drawing a line on the playing field - try and make it so that the angle of the line you draw is an angle that will direct the ball into your opponent's net. Manage to score a point against the other player, and the game treats you to a really nice reward in the form of an oh so hot and steamy live action XXX video clip, and along you move to the next level of the game. As is generally the case, when you get to higher levels in the game your opponent will play more aggressively and pose a higher level of challenge to you, but to balance out that extra difficulty the in game XXX rewards get increasingly more hot and steamy with each and every level that you manage to move up, so keep at it and play well if you want to see all the explicit visuals this game boasts.