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Babysitter Brandy

Plain and simple, Brandy has always been a top notch babysitter - something not too easy to find these days. You know what else is top notch though, beyond simply her skills babysitting? That fucking incredible, damn near total perfection barely legal body of hers! To be totally honest, you've been checking her out, big time, as of late, and seeing as how she's not dumb, she's picked up on it - further reinforced by the fact that every single time she comes over lately, each time she seemingly is wearing even less clothing than she was the last time. Today you just got home early from work before your wife is home, and now you're determined to test out and taste that teenage pussy of hers. Lucky for you Brandy is happy to wrap her soft and skilled lips tightly around your big hard cock, and just when you thought things wouldn't be able to get any better than that, she's climbing up on you to have you pound out her pussy in multiple positions before inviting you to fuck her ass, and then finishing off by giving her a messy anal creampie.