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If you haven't heard of Overwatch by now, well then you can't really even call yourself a gamer, at this point. Though maybe, if you're not familiar with the wildly successful multiplayer battle arena game, maybe you're at least familiar with the jaw dropping babes who star in the game, looking all sorts of fucking sexy wearing some skin tight outfits. Blizzard really dropped the ball in not having graphic, steamy XXX sex featured in the game, but at least now OverFuck is here to pick up the slack where they fucked up. All of your favorite babes are featured in this game, getting strapped into a fuck machine as it goes wild on their tight and eager holes -, Mercy, and of course Widowmaker! The gameplay in this game is pretty simple and easy to get the hang of - watch what the computer is doing, and then replicate the moves it made without making a mistake. Naturally, this starts out simple but gets harder over time. If you ever played Simon Says as a kid, what you're doing here is the same idea - just much more adult! The moves you can perform in this game with the fucking machine include asshole penetration, vaginal penetration, blowjobs, and tit squeezing. A highly recommended title with great graphics and steamy sex scenes that you'll definitely not want to miss out on!



Pokemon Hypno Games

Pokemon Hypno Games

There's no way that you're not at least a little bit familiar with Pokemon - in various forms, between the handheld video games, augmented reality moible game Pokemon GO, trading card game, movies, TV cartoons, and every type of merchandise you can think of; it's been a global phenomenon for over 20 years running now. Of course it's all been family friendly fare - up until now that is, with the arrival of steamy XXX parody Pokemon Hypno Games. The hero of the series, Ash, is being joined this time around by a brand new trainer - a mouth watering, busty, and barely legal redhead honey who goes by the name of Lorelei. It's quite safe to say that Ash has the hots for her, though much to his annoyance, he has yet to have any luck in getting her to warm up to the advances he made. The pair was out in the woods together, when they suddenly find themselves ambushed by one of Ash's biggest, and most long running rivals - Jessie from the villainious Team Rocket. Wasting no time at all, Ash pomptly reaches into his bag to grab one of his Pokeballs and tosses it out, summoning a hypnosis type Pokemon who casts a hypnosis spell. Though Ash had only intended for the spell to target Jessie, it ends up getting Lorelei as well and Ash starts to panic, wondering how to handle the situation. It's right around then that his dirty mind and desire for Lorelei makes him realize that while they're under the spell, they're more or less totally subservient to him. At this point he commands the two girls to serve him as his personal sex slaves, and being deep under his spell, they're totally powerless to resist his commands and wrap their soft and skilled lips tightly around his cock before wrapping his pole up in the ample cleavage of their giant sets of tits. Next they'll ride him and take it deep in their pussies and assholes in multiple positions before getting treated to ample amounts of hot and sticky cum.