The Adelle in this game is far more of a mouth watering beauty than that overexposed, fat ass pop singer that we're all damn sick and tired of hearing piss and moan endlessly about how her man left her because she's a crazy bitch. In this game, you will be playing a game of billiards (also known as pool) with a drop dead gorgeous big breasted blonde hottie named Adelle. To play the game, hit the billiards with your cursor (draw a line on the screen using your finger or computer mouse as a cue). You will need to sink a total of six balls into their pockets in order to win that set. The ball only will get counted as a point if there was a touch of balls when it hits the pocket, so keep that in mind while you play otherwise you'll be losing quickly. Should you manage to sink the six balls into the pockets during the one minute of time allocated per each set, you win that set and you move onto the next level. Every time that you go up in level in this game, the show that naughty hottie Adelle puts on will get increasingly more explicit and erotic, making it well worth the while to keep playing this game to see all of the steamy sights contained within it.



Dating RPG

Dating RPG

Gaming (at least, video gaming) is one of those things that we pretty much can thank the Japanese entirely for. They pioneered it, and though plenty of other contributions to it, they're still the king - they were first, they created the hardware, and they've single handedly been responsible for creating entire game genres by themselves. Dating sims and RPGs are some of the first things that come to mind, and with good reason - they did it first, and though others else where may try, they always still do both of those the best. So it was only inevitable that at some point, the two of those would come together - and even better, not being under the pressure of some video games rating board, they were able to add in huge amounts of hot and steamy hentai - another wonderful, totally Japanese creation. This game is one that is sure to appeal to any and all fans of anime, but if you are a fan of the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, then you're really in for a treat when you play Dating RPG! This game will almost certainly sink it's claws deep into you with it's great RPG style of gameplay, but it's really going to seal the deal and fully entice you with all of the drop dead gorgeous girls in it getting naked, and getting fucked - it's all here for your enjoyment in this top notch XXX title. Believe us when we say that you are going to be whisked away straight to heaven when you soak in the wonderful visual of seeing these horny hotties sucking, tugging, and riding your big hard cock. Though, this is a dating game, after all, so don't get too ahead of yourself and think that these girls are all going to just give it away right off the bat. No, just as it is in real life, you're going to have to put in a little bit of work with them first, doing what you can to woo them and win them over. You'll have to plan correctly and make sure that you say the right things, perform the right actions, give the girls the correct gifts, and more, if you want to have a chance with these gorgeous girls. Though, do what they want, and they will make all of your dreams come true. We fully recommend that anyone and everyone give this great game a try - the dating aspects that it has are really actually quite fun, and having it be there makes things more interesting, and most of all, makes it feel that much more rewarding once you finally win over one of these beautiful babes.