The Adelle in this game is far more of a mouth watering beauty than that overexposed, fat ass pop singer that we're all damn sick and tired of hearing piss and moan endlessly about how her man left her because she's a crazy bitch. In this game, you will be playing a game of billiards (also known as pool) with a drop dead gorgeous big breasted blonde hottie named Adelle. To play the game, hit the billiards with your cursor (draw a line on the screen using your finger or computer mouse as a cue). You will need to sink a total of six balls into their pockets in order to win that set. The ball only will get counted as a point if there was a touch of balls when it hits the pocket, so keep that in mind while you play otherwise you'll be losing quickly. Should you manage to sink the six balls into the pockets during the one minute of time allocated per each set, you win that set and you move onto the next level. Every time that you go up in level in this game, the show that naughty hottie Adelle puts on will get increasingly more explicit and erotic, making it well worth the while to keep playing this game to see all of the steamy sights contained within it.





Boasting a bodacious set of big and beautiful tits, a million dollar smile, and curves in all of the right places - April O'Neil is a star and the darling of the city. And not just because of her incredible looks (though, it's safe to say that that definitely doesn't hurt!) - she's also a top notch reporter, always first to break a big and juicy scoop. Quite recently she was made aware of the existence of a group of mutated ninja turtles, living just underneath the city streets in the sewers. This could not only be the biggest story of the year (that's a given), but quite likely the biggest headline she'll have in her whole career! There in though, lies a problem. April is finding herself feeling rather conflicted about what to do here - because recently she's brefriended these turtles. She knows quite well in her heart that these turtles are good and kind, helping keep the city safe, even. The problem though, is she doesn't know how the city will react to them... and frankly, she doesn't think it would be worth the risk to their safety to find out. So as a top notch consolation prize, April then comes to the decision that she'll offer up that oh so amazingly perfect body of hers to her group of turtle friends - and it works out great for her anyways, since being so busy with work as of late, she hasn't had any spare time in which she could get herself a nice good quality dicking down. She's in luck though, because these four half shelled horny heros are more than happy to help her out on that front! You'll be hard as a fucking rock when you see April O'Neil taking five scaly and slimy cocks at once, sucking cock, giving handjobs, having her tits fucked, and getting her soaking wet pussy and air tight asshole licked as well as pounded out deep and hard, before taking copious amounts of hot and sticky cum all over her gorgeous body and into her eager holes. Being a title from the top notch studio Meet and Fuck Games, this game has everything on display that you have come to expect from their games - great graphics with detailed animation, fun and enjoyable gameplay, good tight controls, an entertaining story, good humor, steamy sound effects, and of course, lots and lots of hot action, TMNT Orgy is a title that can not be missed out on!