Which Actors Are Playing GTA 6 Leads? We Might Know

The GTA 6 trailer arrival has calmed some nerves. Delay after delay and conspiracy after conspiracy made for a long awaited GTA 6 trailer drop. But now that it’s arrived and remains on a likely trajectory to top all time gaming sales, sleuths are diving into new areas of the game – mainly, the casting leads.

The big questions revolve around who is playing GTA 6’s stars, Jason and Lucia.

After what seemed like a major manhunt for the information, some fans believe they’ve figured things out.

Fans believe that actress Manni L. Perez is playing Lucia.

What do you all think? Let’s have a look.

Many people believe that her voice matches that of Lucia’s, here’s a couple of clips. Keep in mind the latter clip involves her discussing her career trajectory, which may serve as evidence all on its own.

Perez also did voicework for GTA 5 and GTA Online in an extremely minor role as a “clubber.

That said, Perez ain’t having it. She seemingly deleted her Instagram account following the onset of Lucia theories flooded her posts comments. This may have to do with her contractual status with the part. GTA 6 won’t be released for a while and they may not release the casts list for years. Unless of course, the pressure continues to mount and Rockstar games decides to control the narrative.