Metaverse Games Are Coming. Here’s a Few Big Ones.

Metaverse gaming is on the horizon. While there remains a whole lot of people who are confused by the metaverse in general, the movement towards a mirrored, virtual world is already in motion with great momentum.

And now metaverse games are upon us. And they are sure to be huge sensations. Because in the end, virtual reality gaming is growing in popularity and the metaverse is sure to be as real as virtual gets.

To understand metaverse games, at least the two I’m about to discuss, you need to understand Solana. Solana is a cryptocurrency and it stands to become the base of a number of metaverse gaming platforms.

The two below metaverse games are built using Solana.

In the end, that probably doesn’t mean a ton to you, but given metaverse game reviews are likely to include mentions of platform blockchain aspects, I thought it good to let you know.

Synergy Land

In Synergy Land, you’ll build you own private island. And I don’t mean just any island, I mean the dopest island ever.

synergy land metaverse island

Upon this island will exist your center of operations and it begins your journey of creating a labyrynth, virtual reality adventure. You can create your own house and have pets. You can hire people to help you build more structures.

You’ll also fight for your earnings. Those earnings are in NFT form, because, of course they are. You will build you defense through collecting armor and weapons. And you’ll get richer and richer and chill on your lavish island. These are called Synergies and they are the core point of this metaverse game.

Character customizations in Synergy Land will be deep stuff. You’ll always have a pet with you to act as a companion.

Synergy Land will offer a vibrant virtual reality world ripe with visual and audio madness. But you’ll need to be careful, some plants could be your enemies, particularly in the world of Furya. There are evil predators in the world of Onyxland which you need to beware of.

Check out more on Synergy Land.


genopets metaverse game

Genopet is a fitness data metaverse game. Say what?

So there is no good way to describe this metaverse game other than to say that it is a play to earn game. Basically, the more you move, the more you make. You ‘ll connect your Fitbit and you’re off to the proverbial races. See what I did there?

The more tokens you earn through movement, the more stuff you can buy in the Genopet world.

There is also a battle arena where you can play faster games and win even more rewards. There’s currently a waitlist for this sure to become metaverse fitness sensation game.

Play Genopets

Metaverse Gaming, The Future?

It is difficult to imagine that the metaverse isn’t the future of gaming. Currently, virtual reality gaming is a top selling niche in both mainstream and adult. The metaverse will serve up much heavier doses of virtual reality. The metaverse is the future of gaming, no doubt. It is very likely that many current game developers begin their march into the metaverse, either by updating older games for metaverse use or simply developing new ones.

Either way, metaverse gaming is upon us.