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Witch Girl

Those of us who are a bit older, who spent much of our formative years sitting inches away from the warm glow of a tube television with our Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis will be immediately familiar with the side scrolling shooting action that is featured in Witch Girl. In this top notch XXX game you will be playing as a boner inducing, big breasted brunette witch babe as she rides on her broom, soaring through a haunted forest. There's a bit of a problem for her though... pretty much each and every creature that resides in the forest is horny as can be and beyond eager for a chance to fuck each and every one of her oh so tight holes. To play the game, you'll be using your arrow keys on the keyboard to control her movement as you do your best to avoid enemies and obstacles - should you be unfortunate enough to crash into them, she'll end up getting her holes fucked, and you will need to rapidly hit keys to wiggle free from their grasp and continue forward on your journey. One of the best parts about this game is definitely the graphics - they're exquisitely detailed and extremely well done, with smooth and fluid animation - making for quite an enjoyable visual treat.