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Window Girl

Sometimes you just have the worst luck, as the babe in this game is showing us first hand. The barely legal brunette geeky hentai babe in a sexy set of glasses had been planning on sneaking out of her parent's house in order to get out and see her boyfriend who she loves just oh so much. At first things are going well, she's got the window open, and she's managing to keep things quiet - her parents are certainly clueless that she's defying their wishes and sneaking out of the family house. She's slithering her way out from the window, with her upper body poking out outside, 50% of the way to freedom... she just needs to get her lower body out of the window and then she's in the clear. But for some reason, suddenly she can't seem to move any further, no matter which way she wriggles and writhes around.... turns out that absolutely amazing curvy figure was just a little bit too curvy in this case - those wide hips and that big round booty of hers are too wide to make it through, at least not without some extra help. Help her out so she can get free from the window and go see her man - and if you're lucky, she'll show you her appreciation by giving you a little sample of what she intends to do with her man! Just don't tell her boyfriend!!