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Where is Miranda

This game is best enjoyed if you already have taken the time to play both Dreaming with Elsa and Redemption for Jessika, because Where is Miranda is a sequel to those games. Without playing those two first, the story won't make much sense and there will be copious amounts of spoilers for the other two games. That being said, however, this game is definitely in full force exhibiting everything you've now come to know and love from that team of talented developers, offering you a top notch point and click style adventure game that is sure to put your mind to the test as you rack your brain trying to figure out the mind bending puzzles contained within it. This game boasts a truly great, engaging and highly enjoyable story - but let's be real here for a second, we all know that isn't why you play these sort of games. You play these type of games for hot and steamy XXX action, and as you might have expected, this game definitely doesn't disappoint in that regard, offering tons of incredibly hot fully interactive sex scenes for you to play through and enjoy.



Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World

Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World

If you were around for the heyday of 90's PC gaming, then you probably remember all of those super fun and highly engaging point and click style adventure games. Sadly though, this genre seems to have largely died off since then, but don't fret because here's a new point and click adventure for you to enjoy - and to make things even better, this time around the game will be explicit and XXX! Horny Gamer presents Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World, a game that will have you playing the role of a mouth watering barely legal American college babe who decides to see more of the world, and enrolls into her school's study abroad program. Before long, she's hopping on a plane and is off to the far East, over into Japan. While she's away from her homeland and staying in Japan, she will learn all of the ins and outs, the deepest secrets behind Oriental pleasure. During her time there she will have more than enough time to get ample amounts of practice in with her new skills, forming her into a total pro so she can bring her newly acquired skills back home with her to make herself become totally irresistable to all of the guys she knows. She's even considering setting up herself a small academy back home to teach other American girls the art of Oriental pleasure! You'll definitely want to check out this title, especially if you miss the point and click style adventure games of yesteryear. Don't speak English, or don't speak it well? Don't worry, Horny Gamer has your back - this game has multiple language options, allowing you to take your pick from English, French or German - so whatever your native tongue is, they've got you covered! A feature we frankly wish more developers would put into their titles as well.