Two of a Kind

Here's a XXX take on a card game classic, for all of you out there who love the classic casino game of poker. Two of a Kind is as you might guessed it, similar in concept to strip poker. You'll be playing the game against a computer controlled opponent. Cards will be dealt out to you on the screen in a five rows. You will have to find the column that has the best value poker hand from the 5 cards. The standard poker hand values apply with two of a kind being the lowest value and the highest possible hand being the ever so elusive royal flush. As you play the game, you'll be able to see taking place behind the cards a hot show happening between two drop dead gorgeous vixens. When you start out at level one, it's pretty tame - they're fully dressed, and lightly caressing and kissing each other. But, reach $200 in your pot and you'll move onto the next level. Keep playing and earning money to move to higher and higher levels, where the girls show will continue to get increasingly more explicit and erotic.