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Three Tales

A steamy hentai game in which you'll be partaking in a wild and crazy sexual adventure that will see you visiting three different fairytale worlds that you'll recognize right away from those stories you were read to as a child before bed time, Three Tales is a great game. For the first of the three worlds in the game, you will be playing as a horny prince as he tries to use his big hard cock to fuck his gorgeous Sleeping Beauty and wake her back up. For the second of the tales being told, Peter Pan has found himself feeling quite fed up with all of the cheating on him that Wendy has done, so he has chosen to get himself some revenge by slipping his prick inside of the tight and eager pussy of a big breasted mature babe. For the final of the games three tales, you will be playing the role of a lucky random stranger as he makes an attempt to have an opportunity to pound out the tight and eager holes of the kingdom's Snow Queen. With wacky humor, great cartoon graphics, fun gameplay, tight controls, steamy sound effects, and lots of hot action, Three Tales is definitely a XXX game that you will not want to miss out on!