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The Ghost Fucker

Now isn't this a most terrible fate - you have wound up dead, and have come back as a ghost following your untimely death. Leaving the mortal coil definitely sucks in a lot of ways, but as you're about to learn first hand, it does offer at least some perks! The best part really, is that you can so readily sneak around and find oh so many babes that you can strip down and make them suck you off before pounding their warm and fleshy holes with your phantom cock. It's not all good though - there is a meddling pain in the ass who is determined to send you straight back to hell, so you'll have to make sure to be quick and fuck these babes and dash out on to the next one, never staying still long, otherwise he'll be able to catch up with you and bring all of your fun to an end. This game definitely has one of the most unique premises of any of the games on our website, and to us, that alone makes it well worth the time to play it. But, should that not be enough to convince you alone to try it out, maybe the great visuals, erotic sound effects, wonderful humor, and lots of taboo action will be enough to convince you!