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The Didlers

Tommy has unfortunately earned one of the most unflattering and embrassing nicknames ever - Tommy Pillowfucker. Poor Tommy is a nerd and a virgin - and it's safe to say with a nickname like he's got, he has zero luck whatsoever with the ladies. If there is one thing he is though, it's smart - and using his high levels of intelligence, he's figured out a bit of a high tech solution to his virginity problem. He's just created himself a sex gun, that when it's shot at a drawing of a character, it will turn them into a real, living and breathing human being. Thanks to this, Tommy will finally get a chance to have his luck turn around and lose his virginity to some totally perfect specimens! There's three different girls that you can fuck in this game - a cat girl, a spider girl, and finally a raven girl. To play the game, you'll be advancing the story forward by clicking on the arrows by the text boxes. Once the steamy XXX action starts up, follow the prompts that come up on the screen as the action ends up moving from foreplay to full on, graphic and nasty sex. Once you manage to fill up your meter on the screen, click on the heart that will appear and you can then cum. There's also blowjobs, tit fucks, fingering, and anal sex in this game, giving everyone something to enjoy!



First Class Treatment

First Class Treatment

Now if only all health care could be this comprehensive - I bet we would end up having a much, much healthier population! In First Class Treatment, you were being a careless youth, doing something stupid while you tried to impress a group of local girls, and you screwed up and injured yourself. Now not only are the girls laughing at you and totally uninterested in you, you're also stuck in the hospital to treat your injury. After they give you an initial look over, they decide that they'll need to keep you there for a few days in order to monitor the progress of your recovery. For whatever reason, you don't really care about the sudden change in your plans, having to stay there - though, maybe it's just the morphine IV that they have you on making you feel that way. But more realistically, it's probably because of the drop dead gorgeous and oh so busty blonde nurse who has been assigned to watch over you. She's everything that you hope for in a nurse - supportive, looking out for you, and taking good care of you. As she was in the midst of fluffing your pillow to allow you to get more comfortable, she ends up noticing you sporting a pretty massive erection. Before you even have a chance to say anything or feel embarrassed before she proceeds to enthusiastically wrap her soft and skilled lips tightly around your shaft. Being as good of a nurse as she is, she's making sure to give you the full treatment - she'll take your dick in her eager mouth, between her giant tits, give you a footjob, jerk you off, ride you, let you fuck her pussy, let you fuck her ass, cum in her pussy, cum in mouth, cum in her asshole, cum on her face - you fucking name it this busty and beautiful naughty nurse will do it with a smile!