Out in outer space, there's all sorts of oddities that lurk in the depths of the galaxy. One of these oddities are SWIMMs, bizarre creations that are a fusion between eroticism and flying machines, they'll transform later on into some absolutely stunning lady parts. Should you be luck enough to catch them in that brief moment, you might just be able to get a nice and steamy close up view of it! To play the game, click in a swimm in order to capture the thing. Down on the bottom right section of a screen there will be a running count of how many that you have managed to capture so far. After you are able to get 10 swimms captured, the game moves up in a level, and with each and every increase of level there are even hotter and steamier swimms to be found! The current level of the game will be indicated to you in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This game is great for making you use your brain and test your reflexes while getting your cock nice and hard.



Tales of Steam

Tales of Steam

In more ways than one, Tales of Steam certainly lives up to the name it carries. You see, not only is the sex contained in the game extremely steamy - the environment in which they do it in is as well - a sauna! In the game you play as a guy who was in the sauna by himself, relaxing as he sweats it out, when suddenly a mouth watering redhead honey comes in and joins you. With how relaxed you're feeling, it ends up with you drifting off to sleep, and taking a short nap in the sauna as you have a dream about the girl who joined you in there sucking you off. You're finding yourself amazed at how much it feel like it's really happening... which is about the same time that you end up opening up your eyes to be greeted by the stunning sight of the foxy redhead with her lips wrapped tight as can be around your big thick prick as she bobs her head back and forth along the entire full length of your meaty shaft. Take your pick on if you want to cum deep down her oh so willing throat, or pull out and give her a messy facial blast. Don't think though that just because you came already that she's done with you - she still needs your cock to fuck her deep and hard! Bend her over and then have your choice between fucking her soaking wet pussy or her air tight asshole, and then once you're about to cum, take your pick of either pulling out and hosing her down head to toe in a nice thick and sticky load, or just leave your cock inside of her pussy or asshole as you fill her up to the brim with every last drop of your cum. Variety and choices are a great thing in a game - and Tales of Steam offers all of that on top of some hot and steamy action - making this game a must play!