Stop the Flush

Stop the Flush is somewhat similar to a video poker game. It's a moving rows poker game, in which cards will be moving across the playing field arranged into five rows. You'll have to catch the position of a column that offers up the best poker hand combo of five cards. There will be a full deck of 52 cards moving on the screen in five rows, and you can stop them from moving by clicking or touching the stop button. Then you'll want to choose the column that has the best poker hand - click on any card in the chosen column. Win against your opponent and you'll receive money from the pot in accordance with the combination ratio. When you manage to amass $200 in your bank you level up in game, and with each increasing level the XXX show that you get to see becomes all that much more steamier and erotic.



Bunker 21

Bunker 21

Here's one that is bound to scratch that itch if you are the type who loves to go to the casino.. and best of all, in Bunker 21 you don't have to worry about getting a little bit too carried away and blowing all of your rent money on the tables! This game will have you playing the well known casino game of Black Jack. It's a pretty easy game to play, with not too many rules to keep track of. You'll be trying to reach the perfect score of 21 (also known as, you guessed it, black jack) without going over. Go over, and you go bust and lose... so when in doubt as you get close to 21, keep it there so you don't go bust. Card values are as such - numbered cards are worth the value of the number printed on them, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are each worth ten points, and aces are a bit different - they can work as either 1 or 11. Instead of having your cards dealt to you by a dealer, in this game there will be numbers bouncing around the screen in bubbles all along the playing field. You need to click these and try to add up to a total value of 21. As you're doing all of this, there's an oh so hot and sexy pair of young lesbian babes, straight out of the Army who are decked out in camo as they fool around with each other. For every time you get 21 points, you'll move up one level in the game. And as you may have guessed, at lower levels the two lesbian babes are putting on a pretty tame show... but keep playing and go up in the levels, and before long they'll be putting on a show so fucking hot and explicit that you won't believe your eyes!