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Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage

Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage is a game heavily influenced by Japanese asthetic and culture, and the gameplay is a cross between role playing game (RPG) and open world with lots of places to see. And of course, in those places to see, are many hot and horny women who are aching to take some hard cocks into their eager holes. All it will take to get them to do anything that you want is simply just saying the right thing to them - do that and they'll be unable to resist. As a hidden little bonus, you can even find Hatsune Miku - while she'll be under a different name, it's quite obviously her. As to be expected with RPG games, this is a game that will take you a solid chunk of time if you seek to see everything and do everything. Don't let the length deter you though - the action is super hot and it makes it well worth the wait to reach that point.