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Sewer Doer

For way too long, the city has been in fear of what apparently is lurking just below the streets, inside of the sewer. There's always strange, strange sounds coming from it - nothing that would be made by a human, for frankly even any known animal. There's been a few incredibly daring people that have decided to try and investigate and find the source - but none of them have ever come back out alive to tell the tale of what hides down there. In this game, it will be following around a drop dead gorgeous barely legal brunette babe as she's walking down the street for a night out on the town - totally unaware of what her night will end up being like. She's frankly new to town and unaware of the monster down in the sewers... but now she's going to be become his next victim! Before she knows it, out of nowhere a slimy long tentacle bursts out from the manhole, wrapping around her and quickly ensnaring her tiny little frame and dragging her down into the sewers, where he'll use his tentacles to pin her down effortlessly as he uses his other appendages to fuck each and every one of her tight young holes. A wild and crazy XXX game that is well worth your time and energy to give a try!