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Scary Halloween

It is Halloween, the scariest night of the year and it's closing in on the midnight hour. This mouth watering redhead hottie is carelessly taking a late night stroll through a graveyard, not having any idea at all that there is all sorts of nasty and naughty monsters lurking unseen nearby in the shadows, and each and every one of them is just yearning for the chance to stick their thick undead cocks deep inside of her soaking wet and oh so tight barely legal pussy. She's a naughty little slut who generally speaking love to get fucked - but right here and right now she's quickly finding out that this many cocks, and of this kind of size, is just way too much for that extra tiny little pink pussy of hers to handle! To play the game is easy and straight forward - control your character's movements by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. When you encounter an obstacle and need to jump over it to get past it, press the up arrow. Using the down arrow, you can duck to avoid incoming projectiles and other dangers. Move left and right along the screen by using the left and right arrow keys.