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Qoara's Court

In Qoara's Court, Qoara will be trying to solve the riddle "What's in my pocket?" and will get rewarded with a mouthful of the contents! Anser questiosn and give the correct responses, and she'll do anything you want bringing you to ecstasy, but answer incorrectly and you might find yourself unsatisfied in the stocks! Pay mind to the way your cursor looks in this point and click adventure game - the default cursor looks just how you expect it to look, if it goes yellow/orange it indicates you're in an active area; if it turns red you are in control currently, and if it turns into a stop watch there's a transition occurring. Make your way through the story and say the right things, and this jaw droppingly beautiful purple haired elvish warrior vixen will offer up all of her tight and eager holes up to you, eager to take your rock hard cock balls deep inside of each and every one of them.