Push 2048

Here's yet another variant of the 2048 game that has become the latest and greatest craze. Push 2048 differs a bit from the usual formula you've come to know - namely, you are now able to push each tile individually. Click on the side of any given tile and it will jump to the opposite direction (example - if you click on the left side of the tile and it will move to the right, click on the bottom and it moves up, etc.). Should manage to get the tile to meet along it's path with another tile that is the same value as it, the two tiles will merge together into one and the value of the merged tile will be the sum of the two tiles that made it up. Keep at it like this and work your way towards the maximum score of 2048, and all along the way treat your eyes and cock to the sexy show that the gorgeous blonde babe is putting on for you.