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Pulling Some Fairy Tail

Gotta love the internet, and that good old rule 34 - the one stating that if it exists, there's porn of it! Another game gets the rule 34 treatment, courtesy of Meet and Fuck Games bringing us their latest in a long line of great games, Pulling Some Fairy Tail. Now, no longer do you have to mentally put together the naughty imagery, because in this game you get your chance to fuck Lucy, Mirajane, and all of your other favorite girls from the series. When the game starts out, you're a lucky stud who is in possession of a magic elixir, one that has the oh so wonderful effect that anyone who ends up drinking it down will become uncontrollably horny. So, your mission here is pretty obvious - get a lot of girls to drink that stuff down, and then proceed to go to town on them pounding their pussies and assholes deep and hard with your big rock hard cock!