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Pokemon: Hypno Mercy

One of the few things you can always expect to happen is when you wield power over someone, ruling over them, it's inevitable that at some point when they're able to, they're going to push back - and hard! This particular Pokemon trainer has just found that out first hand as one of her Pokemon refused to get back into his Pokeball following a battle. Instead, he brings out some strange object that he uses to hypnotize her, putting her in a mindless trance and leaving her a helpless puppet unable to do anything beyond his bidding. Naturally, the first thing that him and his fellow Pokemon want is a chance to get a piece of that sexy ass of hers! They've been under her oppressive rule for a long, long time and now they're oh so eager to finally have the chance to make her fuck... and they'll make sure she does it all, sucking cock, getting eaten out, giving handjobs, doing rimming, get fucked in each and every hole, and of course take tons and tons of messy creampies to a degree that she's left so filled up with hot and sticky cum that it pours out of her freshly fucked hole like a waterfall. Game play is really quite simple, requiring very little input from you beyond clicking arrows on either side of the screen to either move forward to the next scene or replay/return to a previous one.