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My Personal Asari

More likely than not you're familar by now with the RPG series Mass Effect, and if you are, you certainly know how smoking hot of an alien vixen Asari is! Who gives a rat's ass if she's of a whole different species than oyu are - that body is fantastic and you'd be full of shit or just gay if you were to say that that face of hers isn't damn near perfection. And shit, since Mass Effect was a rare case of a game that actually let you have sex, you tried to or succeeded in fucking her. Though sadly, while the game did allow sex, it didn't show us the hot and steamy shit we really would have loved to be witness to. Thankfully, now those fantasies can finally become true thanks to My Personal Asari. She'll be more than happy to wrap her soft and skilled lips tightly around your cock as she gags it down all of the way, and then have you pound out her soaking wet pussy and air tight asshole until you're ready to hose her down head to toe in a nice thick load of your hot and sticky cum. Where this game truly shines, even on par with the hot sex scenes contained in it, is in the graphics department.. These are mind mindbogglingly good, the likes of which you've never seen in a porn game - it genuinely looks on par with the game that it was based upon. Highly recommended as a huge treat for your eyes, ears, and cock!