Mermaid Roe

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Freshman Dildo Experience

Freshman Dildo Experience

Freshman Dildo Experience represents a top notch XXX title in which you will get your chance to fully enjoy a most jaw dropping, barely legal college freshman hottie who had been putting her natural talents to work as a singer. Being a music producer yourself, you're not only eager to get a chance to work together with her on a collaborative musical project, but also to potentially get a chance to feast on that sexy and supple young body of hers - and what better way to have an in with her than to use your talents and credentials as a producer? After you have made your pitch to her, she ushers you off to her recording studio to put your skills to work on a new song for her - play your cards right though, and she'll let you see her amazing fully nude body, wrap her soft skilled lips around your big hard cock, and have her soaking wet and oh so tight pussy toyed nice and good. To play the game, you will periodically be prompted on screen to answer her questions, and if you move correctly the game continues, but answer wrong and you'll get a game over and have to start all over. After you've managed to get her out of her clothes, click around on her body and get an idea of what she likes to get her nice and turned on so she'll suck your big dick. Once you've done that, you'll later get your choice of several different dildos to put to use on that sexy teenage pussy of hers. Highly recommended title, you most definitely will want to be giving this one a try.