Lesbo Choco 2048

We know that you all just can't get enough of the 2048 style of game, so here's yet another variant of it, one that is sure to appeal to everyone out there who loves lesbians (and really - who the fuck doesn't?). Lesbo Choco 2048 will have you trying to merge together two chocolate tiles of the same values, one next to another, and then clicking on them to merge the two tiles into one new one. The new value that will be shown on the tile that takes the place of the two it replaced will be the sum of the tiles that made it up. The colors of the tiles will move from a light, milk chocolate type of color to a deep dark chocolate color as you get higher up in score, making your way towards your max score/target value of 2048. Starting off in the game, the lesbian action that gets depicted on the screen is pretty tame - some kissing, and maybe a little bit of strip teasing. As you may have already guessed, as you get higher and higher up there with your score, the action will be getting increasingly more hot and explicit, so keep at it if you want to see the full show that these two drop dead gorgeous young lesbian babes are enthusiastically putting on with each other!