Last Brick in the Wall

When will they learn? A wall will accomplish nothing, and those determined to get to the other side of it/see what is on the other side will always find a way to make it work, without fail. Someone apparently didn't get that memo, because they've constructed a gigantic wall, and behind said wall there is an oh so hot and steamy movie playing out. Naturally, you want to see more - so tear that fucking wall down! You will be able to succeed in your goal of bringing down the wall courtesy of your explosive bubbles. When you have two bubbles end up overlapping each other, they end up getting charged up and will start to shine. During the time that they are shining, there is a a possibility of them exploding, with the explosion causing the nearest brick to be destroyed. If you hope to succeed, you will need to catch them in this brief moment and click on the shining bubble to clear out the bricks. Once you destroy all of the bricks, finally, you're able to take in all the steamy sights and sounds of the video playing behind it... but enjoy it while it lasts, because in short order you'll be moved onto the next level to bring the wall back down again, and each time you do so the video being played becomes increasingly more erotic and explicit.