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Kitchen Fun

To be honest, XXX games are best when they get straight to the point. I mean, really, if we wanted to play puzzles, we'd go play one of the hundreds of thousands of non smutty puzzle games that can be found all across the internet. We play these games really for one thing only - sex. Kitchen Fun is great in this regard - it doesn't tease you with bullshit and make you work and wait to get to the good stuff - hardcore action! You've got a sexy cat like hottie in the kitchen with you, and she's oh so horny and wanting it real bad - pointing her big round ass up towards the ceiling, offering her holes up to you for you to use with your cock. Strip her down, and then get all sorts of nasty with her. Bust out the anal beads and cram them up her butthole, finger her pussy and ass, and fuck her holes deep and hard getting her off so good that she makes a mess and squirts all over the kitchen floor as she has a massive orgasm.