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Jail Break

Well known and quite infamous among the town, local pervert Hugh has yet again been busted by the cops for his usual antics - peeping girls and jerking off at the beach while he creepily stares down all the girls there in their swimsuits. Hugh has been sentenced to a few days in prison - really, not at all that bad of a sentence for the crime. In Hugh's eyes though, that is just straight up cruel and unusual punishment - and it's all up to you to get him broken out of the jail so he can reclaim his rightful place creeping on the beach. To get free, he decided that he will just get the key from the busty babe who is the prison guard, and maybe if he's lucky, fuck her too! Make sure to work on reaching for the broom to knock the keys free by reaching out to it and allowing the meter to fill - pay close attention to the girl though, because if she catches you it's game over. Be sure to stop quickly any time that she looks. There's also a dog who keeps getting in the way, but your foot can fix that in short order. After you've managed to obtain the key to the jail cell, fuck her nice and good before you hastily hurry back to the beach to get back to what you were doing before the rude interruption from the local law enforcement!