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Hot Night Together with Sarah

A big shot salesman, you've just flown into the city to conduct an important meeting with her to talk some business. It's a little more than just business, at least to you, though - despite her being married and a few years older than you are, it does nothing to dial down the level of desire that you have for her. But, you figure you'll just let it be, and you just talk business with her. You leave and you're ready to board your flight to take you back home, but you're struck with some poor luck when your flight ends up cancelled, and you'll have to spend an extra night in the city. The airline was nice enough to set you up with a room to stay in, paid in full by them. Now could be your chance - will you finally muster up the courage to make a pass at the woman that you've desired so deeply for oh so long? This game boats great graphics, an entertaining story, hot and steamy sound effects, and lots of explicit action of course! If you love a little bit of an old school PC point and click adventure mixed in with your porno, than you just won't be able to get enough of Hot Night Together with Sarah!