Holes Uncovered

Uncovered Holes are not just what we all like to see out of a woman, but also the name of this steamy XXX game. The game is a pretty standard version of your typical game of billiards, but with some steamy XXX visuals to go along with it. There are billiard pockets that are closed off with lids, which prevent balls from being able to fall into the pockets. You will need to quickly click on a lid to open it up when there is a ball en route towards it - but you'll need to be quick on the draw to do it, because you're not allotted much time at all to do it in. Should you manage to be able to sink a total of five balls into the pockets, you will then move along onto the next level of the game. And of course, when you get to a higher level, that means the action you get to watch and enjoy is all that much more steamy, hot and erotic!