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History Lessons with Carla

It's that rough transitioning time that many young people face - you've just wrapped up at high school, and now have begun your first semester off at college . You were such a bright student back in high school, easily coasting by in every class despite paying little attention and doing minimal work. It's a shock to you when you get to college and discover how much harder it is, and it's an even bigger shock to your meddling parents when they see your report card and that you're failing several classes. Furious, they end up giving you an ultimatum - pass your classes, or they'll cut you off - forcing you to move out, get a job, and live on your own, and drop out because they were paying your tuition. Exams are less than a month away now, and it's going to take a small miracle to get those grades up to passing levels. Lucky for you, you've got a tutor - Carla. Carla is the best there is, she's exceedingly intelligent, making you able to understand abstract concepts that were way above your head... and not only that, she's an absolute babe! Maybe if you pass those exams of yours, not only will your parents continue things as they were, but maybe Carla will be so proud of you and the way that you turned those grades around that she'll eagerly take your big cock into each and every one of her tight holes as a way for the two of you to celebrate!